Original Art-A Perfect Unique Gift

When you are looking for a perfect gift to buy for the hard to buy for person, why not think about giving them a piece of original art. This is something that they will definitely not expect to receive and will come as a complete surprise to them. Original art can be purchased at very low prices, or you can get something very professional that can cost thousands of dollars. In between there is a whole range of prices and the trick is to find something that you really like that you can afford. Original art can be used for birthday, Christmas or anniversary present and you will make somebody very happy.

Original art is something that you can buy as an investment opportunity. Original art usually goes up in price after you have purchased it, and the person you give it to will be very appreciative to have received such a special gift. It is something that you can do that shows you put a lot of thought into the gift. Maybe it is time for more than just a simple gift card from their favorite store. Maybe it is time for a completely unique idea and original art is something very different. There are many artists out there that are very talented and have beautiful original paintings for sale, and you are sure to find the perfect gift for that hard to buy for person.

When you are looking for a perfect gift to give for Christmas, think of original art as a good choice. Most people do not have enough art in their homes and would find it something useful as well as something wanted. There are so many walls in a house that this person will be able to walk around their own home and see where this original art would look best. It will be really fun for them to do this, and a new painting hanging on a wall can make all the difference in a room. Besides all that this, you yourself can have a great time picking out a special piece of art for your friend or loved one.

A piece of original art is really a gift from your heart. You can look around and find an art piece that you think fits into the life of the person you are getting it for, and when you do this it shows that you really care for the person. It shows that you are willing to look around and shop for something special because you care about them. You should really consider purchasing a piece of original art for anybody on your list. It can make all the difference in the world to a person’s home, and every time they look at it they will be reminded of your special gift to them.

Here you can also see examples of my painting process – how I create my abstract art:

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With love, Anastasia Tversky

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The Art of Music – How I Created This Musical Symphony

This is the story of me creating one of my original abstract art pieces.

When painting or looking for inspiration to complete my pieces I quite often turn to music. And I know that I am by far not the only one who does so. I’m sure that many other creatives turn to music for inspiration, or at least as a way to get their creative juices flowing. Just about everything in life (from cleaning to long drives in the rain and everything in between) is better with music. Music, I believe, just has a way of speaking to the soul, of evoking emotions you didn’t even know you had buried deep inside. I believe it transcends differences and barriers and finds a way to connect us to even the most abstract, unlikely and unique aspects of life. I think that music, just like visual and other forms of art, is universal.

Speaking of music, one of my favourite instruments is the violin. Both its sound and its romantic, curved shape have always captivated me. Drawing from that fascination I found the inspiration for this piece. As usual, staying loyal to my love for bright colours, and smooth brush strokes I opted to use reds, yellows, pinks and oranges and juxtapose them with greens and deep purples. I used the darker, more muted tones to accentuate and emphasize the vibrancy and energy of the crimson and golden tones.

If you have been following me and my art for some time now, then you know that I love using nature/floral motifs almost as much as I enjoy using rich, bright colours. In this particular piece, I wanted to utilise both – the natural motifs that are present in many of my other paintings and the elegant shape of the violin. I wanted to use these in a way that was interesting yet remained true to my artistic style.

My goal with this piece was to try and translate into paint, colour and 2D shape the beauty, intensity, life, excitement and passion, essentially all the different emotions that the violin may evoke from the listener of a complex musical arrangement. The next time you get the chance to see an orchestra perform I encourage you to make sure you pay special attention to the violin players, their; concentration, energy, focus, emotion, the way they virtually become one with their instrument and move as one whole unit. I find it to be very enchanting. I hope that the energy and vividness of this piece have a similarly enchanting effect on you and whoever else happens to come across it whether in your home or office. May the rich colours and the flowing brushstrokes bring life and creativity into any space you choose to decorate with this piece. Make it a stand out piece of artwork or use it as a gift for anyone who appreciates art, music and colour. Whatever you choose to use this piece for I am sure that it will carry with it the passion, beauty and skillfulness of a well-trained violinist!

You can read more about me and what I do here

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The Story of One Painting – How I Created “Blue Moon”

The inspiration for this painting came to me, as it often does, from observing the beauty of the natural world. I was watching a nature documentary about the extremes of nature- everything from extreme cold to extreme heat, the deepest points of the ocean to the highest peaks of mountains.

Yet what truly fascinated me was the menacing beauty of volcanoes. The swirling waves of red, yellow, orange, pink, and blue in my painting were inspired by the fiery viscous flows of lava. The way the red liquid fire flows and hardens into the dark volcanic rock inspired me to paint this piece using long, smooth brush strokes to create the effect of motion. I love using bright colours in my paintings and the glowing reds of lava gave me the little spark that I needed to create a piece that was passionate, calming and intriguing all at the same time.

If you’ve ever been on vacation anywhere near a desert or had the chance to see one in real life, then you know what I’m talking about when I say that there is a sort of threatening beauty in the merciless heat and seemingly endless miles of smooth, rolling sand dunes of a desert. Having lived in Israel, I’ve seen and had the chance to experience and witness the beauty of nature deserts have a special place in my heart. Like many aspects of nature, deserts are captivating and beautiful, but also dangerous and merciless.

I wanted to create a similar effect with this painting, to recreate the feeling of serenity and yet make sure that the piece also portrayed the fierce beauty of a desert landscape, or the intensity of flowing lava. To try and achieve this I decided to use oil paints, as their richness will not only add vibrancy and character to the piece but will also create an interesting and appealing texture that I would not be able to achieve with acrylic paints.

The reds and yellows contrast with the darker tones to create a captivating dance between fire and ice so to speak (in the more muted tones of blue, purple and black). The dark orb, the Blue Moon, in the painting seems to be almost engulfed by the moving, swirling fire and lava coloured waves. Though overall the concept is abstract, I wanted the final product to have a duality to it; to be gentle and serene while at the same time passionate and exciting.

My wish as an artist is so that this piece would resonate with you, in the same way that the beauty of nature and the world around us has inspired me. May the rich and intense colours of the painting add a pop of colour, a touch of intrigue and a dash of passion to whatever space you decided to hang it in, whether that be an office, living room or bedroom I am sure that it will be an excellent addition to any room and fill it with warmth, beauty, energy and harmony.

With Love

Anastasia Tversky

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Felicity Art has a new Etsy Shop!

We have a new Etsy Shop!

About 2 weeks ago we launched a brand new Etsy shop!
Technically speaking, the shop existed for a couple years now, but it did not have any new listings until now 🙂

You can choose whatever you want!

Now we have over 30 fantastic original abstract paintings, and more to come!
Even very demanding art lover will find here something interesting:





Music Forever
Music Forever

and more

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